Intended Concept & Experience

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My Project is closer to the solution stage of other work in the domain. In the Ideal, what we want to achieve is to help people manage their emotions in order to better maintain their relationships with people close to them, like families. My project combines one of the ways of decompression in reality to help people relieve sadness. Keyword recognition can visually make people aware of their emotions, whether positive or negative, by changing the colour of the flower on the screen. This step teaches people to understand their own emotions first. In addition, squeezable Toys for releasing stress was incorporated into LOME and helped people relieve sadness by lighting LEDs in a fancy way. The whole process has achieved the goal of helping people learn to manage their emotions by helping them understand their own emotions and face them actively. After the meeting, physical interaction can be used to resolve them, thus achieving the goal of helping people learn to manage their emotions.

In exhibition, speech recognition enables the experiencer to measure the success of this function by changing the colour of flowers on the screen by saying keywords. Through the screen, by pressing with different forces, visitors can see the different petals lit up in order until they finally blink together. Visitors can feel the process of relief to measure the success of this stage.