UQ Interaction Design Exhibit 2020

This exhibit showcases the work of the 2020 Physical Computing and Interaction Design Studio. Students in their final year of Bachelor Information Technology (User Experience Design) and Master Interaction Design explore the theme 'Designing for playful and open-ended interactions in everyday life’.

Focusing this theme through imagination, creativity and inspired by science fiction, our students have designed concepts for novel technology-mediated experiences that uphold, reveal and explore human values (e.g. emotional intelligence, creative learning, sustainability) in specific contexts.

The specific themes explored this year are

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Want to see the projects live?

On Wednesday 10 June from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm, students will be live online to demonstrate their projects to you.

Course Coordinator & Exhibit Contact: Lorna Macdonald (lorna@itee.uq.edu.au)



A screen-time reducing robot with attention issues

Timothy Harper

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Anshuman Mander

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Benjamin Williams

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Making Coding Fun

by BBL

Bridging the gap between learning and practice

Magic Blocks by Bowen Jiang

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Physical blocks offer an experience of programming a robot in an interesting and easy way to the novice of programming to eliminate negative impressions on learning programming

CodeCaptor by Liony Lumombo

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Learning coding through visual projected AR game

Magic Blocks by Sulaiman Ma

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Physical blocks offer an experience of programming a robot in an interesting and easy way to the novice of programming to eliminate negative impressions on learning programming

SwipeCode by Wentai Ouyang

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swipecode is a creative code learning equipment that can teach people who have no programming background to learn coding by swiping punch cards.

Less Sitting, More Moving

by BotherHood

The thorn In your side, getting you up and moving

Noisy Band by Junxian Chen

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Moving for health by Zebing Yao

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Moving for health by Yubo Zhuo

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Aeries Interactive Elevator

by CDI

Aeries is an interactive elevator which provides the user with entertainment and collaboration opportunities in the mundance space of an elevator.

Anson Cheung

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Mimic Me by Dimitri Filippakis

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Alistair Harris

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PowerPose Elevator by Seamus Nash

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An interactive elevator that tries to enstill confidence within office workers but matching power poses


by E.M.S.

Making household chores more enticing

Gloria Phaik Hui Cheah

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Form teams and compete against your friends in a fun game, while getting your chores done!

Zhouran Li

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A collaborative/competitive ball game played when doing housework. After playing the game, you can also put on AR glasses and explore the collections.

Yifan Wu

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A collaborative/competitive ball game played when doing housework. After playing the game, you can also put on AR glasses and explore the collections.

Teaching with Music

by Garfunkel

Using music to aid and enhance the learning of primary school children.

MathDice by Maria Harris

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Novem by Rika Matsubara-Park

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Musical Fractions by Kelsey Quinn

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FoMa by Jen Wei Sin

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learning readiness and emotional intelligence


by Giraffe

A flower to help you with emotion management at home.

Jinning Li

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Ingrid Wang

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Annan Yuan

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by Half Ice No Sugar

Interactive learning toy to help children learn and develop better motor skills and enhance brain development.

Sean Han Ming Lim

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Zihan Mo

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Fardeen Rashid

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Sheryl Shen

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Externalising mood

by Hand Gang

Robotic companions to protect our personal space

The Helping Hand by Ryan O'Shea

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Spud by Shao Qi Tan

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Stress Less

by HiDistinction

Exploring concepts for preventing and reducing stress

BreakBox by Eugene Choy

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A box that reminds you when to take a break

Reduce Pressure Mat by Jiayu Li

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Music Boxing by Zihan Qi

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A game that can guide users to exercise, it effectively helps users relieve stress

Procrastination Killer by Snow Xia

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Decompressed Desk by Edward Zhang

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by Hedgehog

An audio adventure game for the visually impaired

Bonnie Wang

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Cindy Wei

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Shawn Wu

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Hao Yan

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by TeamX

Making music while getting fit

Peiquan Li

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Tianyi Liu

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Shane Wei

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Breathing for Wellness

by MoBody

Exploring concepts that teach and develop breathing skills in various contexts

Breathing Trainer by John Cheung

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Breathing techniques for anxiety

Breathing Tree by Nick Huang

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Breathing techniques for singing

The Pyramid by Paula Lin

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Breathing exercises for those with respiratory illness

Breathing Helmet by Wally Yang

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Breathing for running

Energy Saving Emily

by Negative Nancies

Changing our energy use behaviours through negative reinforcement

Rhea Albuquerque

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Lucy Davidson

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Piyumi Pathirana

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Jessica Tyerman

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by Supparoos

E-mories, a distraction-free physical platform to remotely share personal emotions with close friends and family

Tuva Oedegaard

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Thomas Saly

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Sigurd Soerensen

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Marie Thoresen

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Sound Lab

by Triangle

A sound laboratory that helps people reduce stress

Sophia Jin

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Iris Xu

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Tianrui Zhang

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Colour & Movement

by Twisted

Teaching colour theory to young children

Twisted by Jessica Jenkinson

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Promoting creative freedom

ICMC by Chuike Lee

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Interactive colour-mixing carpet

Colour Wheel Mat by Autumn Li

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An interative mat for exploring colour theory

Mixed by Michelle Owen

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Teaching colour theory to visually impaired and colour-blind users

Sustainable Citizens

by Zoo Keeper

Teaching children about good habits for the care of the environment

Global Warning by Eddy Carroll

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The Terrarium by Kuan Liu

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A tool and a plant to help parents to teach their children about the importance of sustainability in a more interesting and authentic experience

SmartBin by Jaskaran Singh Sehmbey

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A smart bin to build a healthy habit from a young age of disposing garbage properly.

Earth Globe by Kasey Zheng

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