Intended Concept & Experience

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Start from Team

Stage 1

5 states are used to detect the user's emotions. When the user continues to output negative emotions, LOME presents the state from top to bottom as shown in the figure below, and finally dies. Flowers, on the other hand, end up colourful.

original idea
original idea
original idea

Through our first experience, we received a lot of feedback about the lack of physical interaction, the need for passive acceptance of the message, and importantly the need to express bad emotions as well as experience management.

Stage 2

Therefore, in the following design, we discussed to increase the physical interaction, and through the user to remove the red petals and put them on a new thing, a bud, to talk to it about the negative emotions he encountered outside, and then put the petals back on the stamens, the red petals turn green. This process symbolises the rebirth of emotions.

Team Intended Product

Come to Individual

Stage 3

Based on group design, my individual project first focuses on the function of keyword recognition.

When the first demonstration was presented, I realised speech recognition with Unity, and then light the LED with sound sensor, which can be used to input speech, and then convert it to text, and present it on the screen.

Stage 4

In the comments given by everyone, I realised that it is very important to realise keyword recognition, and many Suggestions mentioned that when negative emotions are detected, there can be some positive feedback to help alleviate emotions, such as coloured lights, etc.

Thinking of relieving pressure and releasing negative emotions, I was reminded of a squeezable toy for pressure relief. Therefore, I decided to use pressure sensor to press petals instead of picking them. And light the LEDs when pressed.

However, the weak programming background makes the process of realising the main function, detecting user keywords and lighting petals a little tortuous. For keyword recognition, I was inspired by some voice-controlled games, so I separated the two functions, displayed them on the computer screen to complete the response of keyword recognition, and then used Arduino to connect physical flowers to press the stamens and light the petals.

In addition, the design of the LOME was originally intended to be made using hand-moldable Plastic, and artificial flowers were suggested by the teacher because of time constraints and uncertainty over whether the petals fit properly. However, after investigation in the shopping mall, it is found that the light permeability of artificial flower petals is not very good, and the capacity of the flower core and stem is relatively weak. Finally, it is found that the shape of craft vocal whistles is suitable for the petals, and compared with the original design, the petals like petals are lit by pressing, the shape and feel of this material are very suitable.

However, in the process of production, it was found that it was difficult for a pressure sensor to be connected to each petal so that it could be sensed, so the function of pressing was changed to the stamen.