Intended Concept & Experience

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Interactive Code & Simulated Functionality

Keywords Recogniser

As one of the main functions of LOME, keyword recognition is implemented in the final work through Unity. When “love”, “nice day”, “it’s a lovely day”, “great”, “perfect”, “good way”, “positive”, “better” appears in the conversation, the onscreen flower will turn yellow, and when “I feel bad”, “Today sucks”, “awful”, “sad”, “stressed”, “on edge”, “disgusting” appears in the conversation, the onscreen flower will turn red. Words are flexible.

keywords recognizer coding keywords recognizer coding

In addition to seeing the colour of the flowers change on the screen when a keyword is detected, there are more detailed records in the Console.

Once a keyword is included in the microphone and identified by Unity, "heard, things keyword: Keywords" will be displayed.

unity with console

Arduino LED Pressure Game

It is mainly used for physical interaction with the user, lighting different leds under different pressures and finally making them blink.

Six light LEDs corresponding to six classes, respectively is

    1. pressure level is less than 100, light red1,
    2. pressure level is more than 100, less than 200, light red2,
    3. pressure level is more than 200, less than 300, light red3,
    4. pressure level is more than 300, less than 400, light yellow1,
    5. pressure level is more than 400, less than 500, light yellow2,
    6. pressure level is more than 500, less than 600, light yellow3,
    7. In addition, when the pressure is greater than the grade 600, Light all LEDs and wait for 1 second before closing and repeat to achieve blinking.

Live-video Dmonstration

Technical & Physical Prototype


Objects Used

  • Arduino Uno
  • Breadboard
  • 1 1K ohm Resistor
  • 6 220R ohm Resistor
  • Thin Film Pressure Seensor
  • 6 LEDs (3 Red, 3 Yellow)
  • Jumper cables (M/M)
Circuit diagram for project Connected arduino for testing

Physical Form BUilding

The main material of petals is craft vocal whistles. The whistles can be combined with LEDs perfectly to make the petals bright. Therefore, it is necessary to cables out extension of the positive and negative ends of LEDs using metal tapes and jumper cables. To facilitate later differentiation, red jumper cable is used for connecting negative poles of all LEDs, green jumper cable for positive poles of the three red LEDs and yellow jumper cable for positive poles of the other three yellow LEDs.

Glue paper and cotton pads together to make stamens, arrange each petal in red and yellow and stick it to the stamens with blu-tack. Finally, connect the connecting board with the parts other than LEDs, put them into the paper box, cut a hole on the top layer of the box and connect the LEDs through the hole. Beautify the carton with paint and you're done!

material for petals
step 1
step 2
step 3
step 4
step 5
step 6
step 7

Final product

final product

The final physical appearance of the LOME.