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Zihan Qi

Team Domain

Based on previous investigations and group discussions, we identified the problem areas that the team will solve, that is, helping people in need relieve stress. The survey results for the user group show that there are worrying health problems among the young student group, and at the same time, the higher education student group is facing higher pressure than the non-student group of the same age. Therefore, the team Hi Distinction will discuss the pressure problem of higher education students and try to solve this problem.

My Direction

My personal direction is to guide the target group to exercise through Exercise Video game. First of all, EVG proved to be an alternative to traditional sports to help people improve their physical fitness. Therefore, combined with the theory of team investigation, this result can be obtained, that is, EVG can effectively help people to relieve stress through exercise. At the same time, the music and colors contained in the video game have also proven to have a positive effect on stress relief.

My Concept

The above is my ideal prototype, it consists of two parts, the screen and headphones (visual and auditory output devices)wearable devices (physical input and output devices).

In my concept, users will use wearable devices for activities. Through sensors installed on the hands and knees, the device will detect the user's limb movements and convert the movement signals into instructions within the game. Players participate in the game through physical movement to achieve the purpose of decompression.