The Earth Globe
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The Concept

My individual concept is stay with the team concept and has three digital sensations functions as output of the globe in final product. The aim of this project is to create sustainable future citizens by teaching primary school students the importance of recycling at school in everyday school life; helping them to have a better understanding of what can be recycled and what can not be; what are the benefit of recycling to the community and to the earth.

I hope by this new creative learning form, children will be able to have a better understanding of: why recycling is important to be conducted every day at school; how it will affect the community and the earth; every single action they take does matter and it will eventually have an impact to the earth. And the ultimate goal of this project would be helping children to develop a recycling habit in their daily life and pass this notion to their family and more people in the community.

Sight icon


The user could see light colour changing inside the globe; also the globe will be shifted to move up and down by the lever.

Hearing icon


The user will hear either positive or negative sounds/tones as the feedback of the globe to understand their decition is right or not.

Touch icon


The user are able to put their hands on the globe, to feel the physical movement changing (only shaking at the moment).

Intended Experience

Ideally, the interactive globe should be able to respond to users behaviour instantly and express its feeling by utilising the “digital sensations“ it has. After the user threw the garbage into the bin, the system will starting to detect and analyse it the garbage has been thrown into the right rubbish bin. Then, The Earth Globe will respond to the result instantly by showing it's feelings caused by the user behaviour.

Design Process

The project has been developed for 7 weeks, two design iterations have been taken place. Find more details here:

Problem Space
User research
Initial Inquiry
Talk with children
Building Process
Material & Technology
Prototype Evaluation
Team & Individual
Signt Function Explainer
Sight Function
Hearing Function Explainer
Hearing Function
Touch Function Explainer
Touch Function
Recap & Refresh

Project Timeline

Here are the key milestones during the project building process. Go to check complete verision of my journal→Weekly Journal for more details.

Meet the Team

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Mini Garden Terrarium

After the ZooKeeper team presented GlobalZoo (→Team Pitch Video) at the concept pitch in class. The team switched the strategy to develop individual solutions to teach children the importance of environmental protection in everyday life. Each individual project is focusing on different intended solution (→Team Proposal), audience and experience for the problem space.