Building Emily

Physical Form of Emily

The external form of Emily consists simply of a translucent dome that allows for glowing LED lights to shine through, which is placed on a square box, allowing for all the technical elements to be hidden within the build. The switch is positioned on the side of the box for easy access to the user, and the photoresistor is placed in a small clear dome attached to the box, so that it can detect light.

Technical Build of Emily

The development of Emily uses the following materials.

Arduino Uno - Used to connect to the computer to control the functionality through coding via the program Arduino. Stores all the coding once uploaded in order to run coded sequences.
Breadboard - Provides a basis for all connections to be linked.
Photoresistor - Sensor used to measure the light and recognise light exposure.
Two-Channel Relay Module - Allows for control over external outputs - in this case, control over the external lights. Acts as a switch to turn them on and off.
Neopixel Strip - Displays colours to alert the user of particular state in coded formations ie. flashing.
Switch - When pressed and held, turns off either one or both channels in the relay module controlling the external lights (coded to control one or both lights depending on statements).
Piezo Speaker - Emits beeping sound that is linked to Neopixel strip loop, to beep at programmed frequencies of the flashing Neopixel strip.
External Lights - Used to represent lights within a home. These are controlled via the two module relay.
Jumper Cables - Used to connect all the components together in the circuit.