A box that reminds you when to take a break

What is Breakbox?

Have you ever had an experience specially as a student, in which you were too engaged with the work from school, that you did not even realise how much time has passed until you were exhausted to go on, leaving yourself lost and stressed? Breakbox is a device that sits on your work desk, from the moment that you starts doing work, it starts a countdown to indicate the time left until you should take a break regularly so that users do not stress out by over working.

Who is it for?

This product is designed especially for university students who have a tendency to work in front of a computer screen most of the time, as it is proven that using a computer for an extended period of time can contribute to various negative effects regarding to health that can lead to more serious health issues or even diseases in a long term.

How It Works



This device detects user’s presence by measuring distance between the work desk and user, for example when the user sits down in front of his/her work desk, the range of distance usually sits lower than it would compared to when there’s no one sitting in front of it, by making use of it, I can program this device to trigger a series of actions based on the circumstances.

Timer and Sound

Once the user’s presence is detected, the timer will start to count down towards zero, indicating the time until the next coffee break, using distance sensor as the input of the interaction encourages the user to actually get up from the work desk to enjoy the break rather than spending time looking at the screen even though he/she is not working, the sound will not stop beeping and the timer will not reset until the user leaves the detected area.