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I'm Hao Yan, or you can call me Horace. This is my portfolio and showcase of my work on Physical Computing. I am currently studying Master of Interaction Design in UQ. In this project, I am the decision-maker of our group, and mainly responsible for designing circuit of project, voice control and safety alarm.


Hasaki is a game with hardware developed by Arduino and Unity. The feature of this game is that there is no any interface. In order to complete missions, the user needs to determine the position of the enemy by identifying the direction of the sound.

Problem Space

There are few games designed for visually impaired people in the App/ Steam/ Android store, but this does not mean that they did not need entertainment facilities. This is because it is hard to make enough profits that game developers choose to abandon the development of such games.

For a game, an excellent audiovisual experience can enhance the user experience, therefore, If we want to develop a game for the visually impaired. Realistic sound effects and interesting storylines are two indispensable elements. So we have this concept.

Onine Exhibition

I believe that if the traditional exhibition method is adopted, our project can give people enough auditory experience. However, due to the impact of the COVID-19, we had to introduce our project to people by live broadcast. But this way is unfriendly to our project. First of all, our equipment does not have any visual thing. The audience cannot experience some of the effects we designed through live broadcasts, such as 3D sound effects and vibration feedback. To allow everyone to experience the 3D sound effect we made, I uploaded a part of the sound clip to this webpage.

Wear earphones and click the Button. Remember turn down the volume.


Voice Control:

To better facilitate the operation of visually impaired users. We gave up all physical buttons except the power switch. Users only need to send voice commands to their phones to start the game.(img.1)

Safety Alert:

In order to reduce the probability of the player being injured as much as possible during the game. We have designed an alarm device based on an ultrasonic sensor that can detect the distance between the player and the sensor. In this way, we can set a safe area in the center of the field. When the player walks out of the safe area, the ultrasonic sensor will emit an alarm sound to let the player return to a safe place. (img.2)

3D Surround Sound:

Visual effects are one of the most important elements of a game, which can improve the player's experience immersion in the game. We used Adobe Audition to make some 3d audio tracks. By placing speakers in three different directions to produce different sounds to create a real scene. Players can feel the different sound effects from all directions (for safety, we temporarily removed the speaker placed behind the player. (img.3)

Vibration feedback:

In addition to using surround sound to create game immersion, we also installed a vibration motor on the infrared pistol. When the user pulls the trigger, it can provide a straightforward physical feeling. (img.4)

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