Fitlody is a digital device which could generate the images and music by collecting the data from the users themself when they are exercising on it.

Our domain is musical metrics. Initially, we want to transform data into music. So, our device focuses on making users to generate dynamic images and music during exercise to increase the user's enthusiasm, thereby keeping their bodies healthy. The intended form is shown in the picture on the left. This device will be a 1.5*1.5 square meter top transparent platform. Pressure sensors, projections and sound will be placed inside the platform. When the user stands on the platform and moves, the pressure sensor collects the user's movement data, and then converts them into music and image playback.


Fitlody's features are shown in the video. You can see that when the user moves on the platform, the pressure sensor transmits the data to the computer control program. Music and patterns will be generated based on the data, and at the same time, the LED light strip will also change color according to the data. Moreover, the patterns which projected by the projector will change according to different movements. Users can also choose their favorite instruments to generate different music.


The composition of this project is complicated. First, the hardware to make it includes a transparent PVC board, 4 steel frame supports, an LED light strip, a projector, two pressure sensors, and two sets of Arduinos.

To make better exercise experience, we used 2 pressure sensors to divide the control program of the entire project into three independent parts. We used one pressure sensor to control the patterns generated by Unity and the music generated by Python, and the LED light strip controlled by another pressure sensor.

projrctor projrctor projrctor

My Work

In this project, my job is to use Unity to draw patterns and use the pressure sensor in Arduino to control the LED strip.

These are the patterns in Unity, the connection of Arduino and the code to control them.

pattern unity code1 code2

These are the code to control the LED strips and the connection of Arduino.

unity LED code3