Problem Space

The increasing advancement of technology has lead to an increase in mankind being more tech savvy. This increased exposure to technology is causing heavy reliance on technological product which reduces the need to use our fine motor skills. This has put younger generation at risk of lagging behind in achieving learning milestone. The current technological era was leading to the loss of a more traditional childhood pursuits such as reading, art and craft and other activities that plays a crucial part in motor skills development. Based research, making learning fun and engaging by integrating movement activities is an important element in educating young children. According to researchers, 85% of school age children are kinesthetics learners, this means that kids learn better through hands on learning rather than explicit learning (Text, facts and basic recalls). Therefore, it is important for resources and development in children’s learning activities to be focused on developing their fine motor skills.

The Solution

In order to tackle this Problem Space, we have incorporating several considerations and features that contributes to create an engaging platform for children to improve their learning experience through refining their motor skills. Our team has created a interacting platform known as Itsy, soft toy bear, which is a teaching assistant designed for teaching children. Itsy aims to incorporate multi sensory learning and motor skills to assist with children’s learning.

Intended Concept

It is important for children to still have an alternative way of receiving a high level of engagement despite the limited time that parents have to spend time with their kids. With a high level of engagement in regards to learning activity, children will be able to retain their knowledge better. Our intended concept was to provide children with a better learning tool for them to absorb information through engaging activities. We want to focus on creating a different learning experience by incorporating tangible interaction for interacting with learning content. The 'Ideal' intended concept will be incorporating different features like voice and different learning content other than colours. The bear has a resemblance of an Ai robot which provide greater of individualised learning and have the ability to identify areas of improvement in various learning subjects for children. Instead of traditional learning, Itsy will help children learn by using multisensory learning. Multisensory learning allows children to use more than one senses to learn, which helps to hone their learning abilities.

Target Audience : 3-5 Years Old

Different Learning Content

Soft Design

Multisensory Learning